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Hello, my name is Shonie De La Rosa. I live in a small town in northern Arizona called Kayenta. Kayenta is about 25 miles south of Monument Valley . This page has only links to various Tangerine Dream resources available on the WWW, until I gather more info and images, so please check back often. I have been a fan of Tangerine Dream for years, and figured it was about time I made some sort of page for them. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions, to add a link,report a bad link, or anything.

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  • The Official Site of Tangerine Dream
  • Stephan Bischoffs Tangerine Realm
  • Pawel Jachowiczs Tangerine Dream Web Page
  • Simon Clarkes Tangerine Dream Tribute Page
  • Jeromes Virtually Fields
  • Victors Tangerine Dream Trade List
  • Nikes Tangerine Dream Planet

    More to come

    MIDI: "Sun Gate-Tangerine Dream

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